12 October 2008


Charlotte lives at my parents house. Right outside the kitchen window at the front porch. What a beauty.

My girls and I went to see her today. I had to show her off to you. My parents have been watching her grow for a month or so now. Charlotte is about 1 inch long from the tip of her back legs to the tip of her front legs. I have no idea what type of spider she is. From what I can see on the web, Charlotte is a common garden spider. I've never seen one so big. My parents must have better bugs than I do.

Charlotte disappears for a little while then returns with a nice lunch in her web. I found out where she goes. In the Camellia bush right below her web. She's got a prime spot. No wonder she's so big.

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Denise Olson said...

eeew. so appropriate for the season, yet sooo dazzling and beautiful.....she does look huge in the photo which makes her kind of scary!!!