17 September 2011

Thinking About Halloween

Found this beauty in my backyard. I guess I don't have to decorate for Halloween.

10 September 2011

Eagle Lake, Lake Tahoe, California [Theresa Le, family time]

I know it's been a while since I posted. I'm so sorry. It's been a busy summer and even a busier start to the school year.

I've been wanting to post this image for a while. I finally am taking a minute to do so.

Every summer we go to Lake Tahoe. This image is from one of our favorite hikes, Eagle Lake.

After a one mile hike, mostly on rocks, you arrive to Eagle Lake. This is what you see as you arrive. Spectacular! Especially this past June. There was quite a bit of snow in Tahoe still and it made for a beautiful reward from our hike. We sat and had lunch and enjoyed the view.

Aaaahhh, summer, how I miss you.