29 June 2009

Quote of the Day

Ansel Adams in 1930 had been training to become a concert pianist while considering a career as a photographer. He decided, after seeing the photographs by Paul Strand, that "the camera, not the piano, would shape [his] destiny." His mother and aunt both pleaded, "Do not give up the piano! The camera cannot express the human soul!" To which Adams replied, "The camera cannot, but the photographer can."

- Ansel Adams
in "Black & White Magazine for Collector of Fine Photography"
October 2000, Page: 76

21 June 2009

Quote of the Day

I photograph anything that can be exposed to light. The reason during the twenties that I photographed plants was that I had three children under the age of four to take care of so I was cooped up. I had a garden available and I photographed them indoors.
Later when I was free I did other things.

- Imogen Cunningham

20 June 2009

Summer Begins

Tomorrow is the first day of Summer. Here are a few things that come to mind when I think of Summer.

The Beach, The Lake...spending time near the water.

Lazy Summer afternoons reading a good book.

Camping and S'mores!

14 June 2009

Quote of the Day

Photography takes an instant out of time,
altering life by holding it still.

- Dorothea Lange

11 June 2009

First Holy Communion Portraits

After a two year long religious education process, Catholic children will receive their First Eucharist or First Holy Communion. In most cases when the child is in Second Grade.

The boys dress in suits and the girls in white dresses, usually with some type of head piece. Not always a veil. My daughter wanted the veil. The idea of dressing like a princess or bride is too hard to resist.

I think my daughter could enjoy the Sunday following her First Eucharist when she could take Communion at mass on her own. No longer nervous she could enjoy the celebration.

05 June 2009

Summer Begins

I know that the official first day of Summer is not until 20 June, but as far as I'm concerned when school is finished it's Summer! I don't know who is more excited my daughters or me!

As you are out enjoying your family and friends think of family portraits. Now is a great time to get them done.

Happy Summer!

01 June 2009

Coyote Point Museum

I'm the co-leader of my daughters Girl Scout Brownie Troop and this past weekend we took the troop on their last field trip of the school year—Coyote Point Museum.

What a fantastic little gem. If you have not been to this place and you live in the Bay Area I highly recommend it. You could easily make a day of it. You could even do a mini vacation or a staycation. Spend the night in a hotel and the next day tour around San Francisco.

Well, now that I've planned your vacation...let's continue with my post. Not only am I co-leader, but (big surprise) I'm Troop Photographer. The girls are fun and this field trip I got some great shots. Here area few of my favorites.


We spend Easter break on Kauai. We never go away for the holidays, but had the opportunity to go and took it.

We had never been to Kauai. Both my husband and I have been to other Hawaiian Islands, but neither of us to Kauai. Our girls had never been at all. It was the best vacation we have ever taken. The weather was beautiful and it was so relaxing. Just what we all needed. We did not want to come back home. Which explains why I have been absent from my blog.

I, of course, took my camera. It took up half my suitcase. You don't need much when traveling to Kauai. I took hundreds of photographs. Here are just a few of my very favorites.