24 November 2009

Sneak Peak [Glamour Portraits]

Last week I did a special portrait session for a Mary Kay unit meeting. I love doing these sessions. I go to a Mary Kay unit meeting with my traveling studio and do glamour portraits for the guests (and consultants). It's a lot of fun.

We do before pictures. After a wonderful makeover we do the glamour portraits. I bring boas, wraps and jewelry....all the fun accessories they need to look and feel like a star.

Here are my favorite glamour shots of each of my models from that night.

Would you like your own glamour session? I would be happy to go to your home (SF Bay Area only, sorry) with my traveling studio and do some fun glamour shots with you and your friends. Contact me for details.

19 November 2009

Sneak Peak [Portrait Session]

There is nothing like a sister. Sisters are friends forever. Some sisters are closer than others.

Recently I photographed these three beautiful sisters. You can tell these three had fun times as children. They take care of each other and are good friends. Defiantly, friends forever. I had a wonderful time working with them.