22 February 2010

Girls Glamour Photo Shoot Night

A few weeks before Valentine's Day I set up my studio and invited some of my clients and friends over for a fun night of glamour and photography. A perfect gift for their Valentine. I hope the men loved the prints as much as the ladies like modeling.

If you are interested in having your own Girls Glamour Photo Shoot Party contact me. I would love to give you all the information.

13 February 2010

My Two Hour Vacation

I have a "To Do" list a mile long, but the gorgeous sun pulled me outside today. With my camera in hand, I took my girls for a walk to "our pond" and the park. It was a much needed break for all three of us. I'm so glad I tossed the "To Do" list aside for a few hours to play with my girls!


07 February 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

America's unofficial holiday. We gather together to watch the two best football teams of the season. With the best finger food and drinks in hand we cheer on our team.

This year, the Saints and the Colts battled it out for the Super Bowl Title. It was a great game. I'm so excited for the Saints. What a great day for New Orleans!

Hope you enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday. We sure did.