10 March 2014

My Favorite Things ~ Evening Walk [Photographer, Theresa Le]

A relaxing walk on a warm evening with my family. A chance to talk and review the day with my husband. Watching our girls talk, play, and be silly. A lovely way to enjoy our neighborhood and pond. Getting a little exercise after dinner. Observing wildlife. Watching the hills, water, and sky call it a day. Truly one of my favorite things. 

01 March 2014

My Favorite Things ~ Playing in the Rain [Photographer Theresa Le]

Something about the rain makes me want to go out and shoot. Maybe it's because I don't have rain gear and it's a challenge to not get my camera wet. I also just like playing in the rain.

Here in California we are in a major drought. We haven't had a good rain storm in I couldn't tell you how long. The past few days it's been raining like crazy. It's been great. I grabbed my girls the other day and we had a mini photo shoot in the rain. I stood on my front porch (dry) with my macro lens and photographed them playing in the rain. It was a great little break after school before they started their homework.