04 December 2015

My Favorite Things ~ Fog [Photographer, Theresa Le]

Maybe it's because I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I love fog. There is something mysterious about fog. Like life, you can only see so far ahead. You don't really know what is on the other side until you get there.

07 March 2015

Italy, July 2014 [Photographer, Theresa Le]

Well, it's been a little busy at my house. I'm finally getting around to posting a few images from my Italy trip last summer. As I said in a previous post, it was an epic trip! Every time I look at all my images I want to go back. Hopefully one day soon.

31 August 2014

My Favorite Things ~ Traveling [Photographer, Theresa Le]

Air, car, or train. I love it all. Seeing new places. Experiencing new things. Delicious food, even better wine. I will pack my bag in a heartbeat if you tell me I can go on a trip. I just wish I could travel more often.

This past summer we (my husband and children and I) went to Italy. It was an epic trip! We went by air, car and train! I will post my favorite images from our trip soon.

07 June 2014

My Favorite Things ~ The Ocean [Photographer, Theresa Le]

If I had to rate my favorite things, the ocean would be in my top ten…no top five. The sound of the water and birds, children laughing and playing. The clean salt air. Walking along the beach is a must when I visit the ocean. Rain, sun, fog and sunsets. The ocean is one of my all time favorite things.

03 April 2014

My Favorite Things ~ Cotton Ball Clouds [photographer, Theresa Le]

There is something relaxing about a clear blue sky with big fluffy cotton ball clouds. Makes me want to go on a hike, ride my bike or have a picnic with my beloved. 

10 March 2014

My Favorite Things ~ Evening Walk [Photographer, Theresa Le]

A relaxing walk on a warm evening with my family. A chance to talk and review the day with my husband. Watching our girls talk, play, and be silly. A lovely way to enjoy our neighborhood and pond. Getting a little exercise after dinner. Observing wildlife. Watching the hills, water, and sky call it a day. Truly one of my favorite things. 

01 March 2014

My Favorite Things ~ Playing in the Rain [Photographer Theresa Le]

Something about the rain makes me want to go out and shoot. Maybe it's because I don't have rain gear and it's a challenge to not get my camera wet. I also just like playing in the rain.

Here in California we are in a major drought. We haven't had a good rain storm in I couldn't tell you how long. The past few days it's been raining like crazy. It's been great. I grabbed my girls the other day and we had a mini photo shoot in the rain. I stood on my front porch (dry) with my macro lens and photographed them playing in the rain. It was a great little break after school before they started their homework.