09 September 2008

Prom Night

After we came back from our family vacation I had a prom night photography job. What a fun night. It was a 5oth birthday party, which now, apparently, you need to have a fun, themed, party. (this is the second I've done) Well, this was fun! The birthday girl didn't go to her prom. This was her big night and what a night it was.

Her closest family and friends where all there, dressed in their formal prom attire. I was there with my backdrop, studio lights and camera. A giant moon was made especially for the portraits. 

Here is a portrait of the birthday girl and her wonderful husband. She looks absolutely wonderful!

1 comment:

Denise Olson said...

oh Theresa, I remember you talking about this!!! How wonderful!! would love to see more of the photos from this night!!