28 March 2008

Art, Photography, and Family

I had the most relaxing, wonderful day on Wednesday. My husband and I took our two daughters to San Francisco for a family day. We went to several museums. Saw all types of art from Photography (Annie Leibovits) to Renaissance, 17th-19th Century Decorative Art to the Dead Sea Scrolls to modern art, complete with 3D glasses and everything. It was all a joy to see. I especially enjoyed seeing the art through my daughters' eyes. Everything so new.

Our daughters (5 and 6 years old) did wonderfully. They both enjoyed everything. Our 6 year old loved it and drank everything in. It was amazing to see. Both girls loved the 3D art 
and didn't want to leave. Our 5 year old kept looking at some of the art strangely. I would ask her what she thought and her response, with a peculiar look, was "I don't know." I told her that was fine. Although on one painting, I'm sorry I don't remember the artist, she asked why the women was sad and why the man's (dead soldier) hand was green. Good questions. I tried to answer them as best I could.

We ended our day with dinner in The Castro with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. A wonderful end to a fantastic day.

Of course, I can't go to The City and not have my camera. These images are just a few from our day. I hope you enjoy them.

The next three images are titled: A Week Night Evening Stroll In The Castro

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Decorative Art Painting said...

Hi. The photographs are excellent. I really liked the photos taken during the night. Good to know that you enjoyed your tour to the museums in San Fransisco. It was nice going through the photos.